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HR Consulting Services for Foreign and Local Companies in the Philippines

As part of starting an enterprise, entrepreneurs must be able to build a strong and healthy structure between their organization and employees. This relationship is mostly built by the HR department of the company.

As part of starting an enterprise, entrepreneurs must be able to build a strong and healthy structure between their organization and employees. This relationship is mostly built by the HR department of the company.

InCorp Philippines has a large pool of seasoned headhunters, general HR consultants, executive coaches, compensation & benefits experts, and skilled labor lawyers that can assist you with your HR consulting needs.

What We Offer

Our end-to-end HR consulting services help you have a fully functioning organization that will benefit your entity and employees.

#1 Organizational Development

We offer comprehensive support for all of your organizational development requirements. We can assist with the formulation and implementation of important organizational requirements, such as organizational charts, strategic leadership development, succession planning, and company mission and vision statements.

#2 Records Management

Every business has recordkeeping and file management requirements to guarantee that its records are secure and simple for employees to access. We provide records management services such as job offer letters, probationary employment contracts, regularization employment contracts, corporate manuals and policies, as well as memoranda and quitclaims.

#3 Salary Structure, Compensation, and Benefits

Our services such as salary benchmarking and structure, benefits administration, annual salary increase, salary alignment, and bonus planning, design, and review that can help our clients determine the latest compensation packages as well as industry trends and standards.

#4 Talent Sourcing

Looking for the right candidates for your company can be challenging. Our  recruitment consultants are equipped to help your organization locate and look for the most suitable individual that meets your demands. We provide our clients with services in talent recruiting, background checks, performance management systems, retention, and termination.

#5 Executive Coaching

As part of our HR consulting services, we also provide a series of executive coaching services in executive fast-tracking, general performance management, sales performance assessment, management preparation, enhancement of strategic thinking, and conflict management.

Our Process

Our human resource services follow a 5-step process in order to cater all your needs.


Secure End-to-End HR Services for Your Company

Aside from developing and expanding your operations, it is also imperative to ensure that all aspects of your human resource process are up-to-date with industry trends and standards. If you need assistance keeping your organization harmonious, you may seek help from HR consulting firms to assist you with your HR needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HR consulting services?

Recruitment, deployment, and personnel management are all practices that fall under the umbrella of human resource (HR) consulting services. These services are designed to offer a strategic and all-encompassing approach to managing and maximizing an organization’s workforce.

What are the benefits of seeking assistance from HR consulting firms?

Businesses can manage employee performance and development with the assistance of HR consulting providers. They can also put performance management plans into place to make sure that employees follow company policies and procedures as well as accomplish business objectives.

Why should I consider outsourcing my organization’s HR functions?

Outsourcing HR services can benefit your business because it will free up administrative time and lower HR management expenses. Additionally, optimized HR processes are provided by outsourced HR solutions providers to guarantee that your business hires top employees and complies with current labor rules.

Outsource Your HR Needs and Achieve a Robust Organizational Structure

Our large pool of experienced HR consultants is dedicated to helping you plan and execute up-to-date HR strategies.

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