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Navigating the Modern Job Market: Using Salary and Benefits Benchmarking to Stay Competitive

[WEBINAR] Navigating the Modern Job Market: Using Salary and Benefits Benchmarking to Stay Competitive

InCorp Philippines brought you “Navigating the Modern Job Market: Using Salary and Benefits Benchmarking to Stay Competitive.” This webinar talked about the importance of salary benchmarking in keeping your organization competitive when it comes to providing compensation and benefits to employees.

This event was streamed live via Zoom on Monday, April 3, 2023, starting at 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM  (GMT+8). This webinar was FREE of charge.

Event Overview:

As the competition in the job market intensifies, businesses must find ways to maintain a clear competitive advantage in comparison to their competitors, attracting and retaining top talents. With the help of salary and benefits benchmarking, companies can ensure that their employees are compensated equitably and competitively.

Ivy Leslie Tahimic, HR Solutions Advisor from the HR Consulting and Payroll Services Department, gave an overview of salary and benefits benchmarking, its importance, and functions, including how employers can take advantage of benchmarking in the modern job market.

Below were the topics discussed in the webinar:

  • Salary Benchmarking: Its Definition and Significance
  • Steps in Salary Benchmarking Analysis
  • How to Make Use of Salary Benchmarking Data to Create an Internal Pay Structure
  • Latest Trends on Employee Benefits in the Post-Pandemic Philippine Job Market

In this interactive webinar, participants learned about the significance of salary benchmarking in order to assess employee compensation better in the modern job market to help create an internal pay structure. In addition, this event gave attendees more information on the latest trends in employee benefits in the post-pandemic Philippine job market.

Moreover, participants had the chance to ask their inquiries to our speaker and our Additional Resource Person, Lea Soliman-Galera, Director of Recruitment and Executive Search, to gain more knowledge when it comes to giving competitive compensation and retaining top talents.


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